HYPAS Enabled Applications

Kyocera Business Applications

From Mobile and Cloud, to Cost Control and Security solutions, Kyocera is committed to providing business applications that seamlessly and securely integrate with our MFPs.

Developed by Kyocera or third-party solution providers, these applications optimize your hardware investment and develop workflows to suit all of your business needs.

Kyocera's HyPAS platform provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Benefits to End-Users: Enables integration of the most advanced solutions, personalized to an organization's document imaging requirements by enhancing the overall functionality of their Kyocera MFP and improving the productivity and efficiency of its staff.
  • Benefits to Business Managers and CFOs: More fully optimized document imaging devices, resulting in a lower cost of operation and more immediate Return on your investment
  • Benefits to IT Department: Seamless integration of Kyocera MFPs with existing network systems, maintaining the integrity and security of not only the user's documents, but also the network & document imaging device itself.

Kyocera's Suite of Business Applications are:

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